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It is very important to inform your potential agent that there will be shipping charges and import taxes that will be added to the order. These charges will vary from country to country. 

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Participating Countries






Czech Republic


French Polynesia




Hong Kong












New Caledonia











South Africa




United Kingdom


NFR Global Access Program FAQs
Q: What is NFR

A: An NFR product purchase may also be referred to as a "not for resale", "international order" or "shipped from an international warehouse" purchase. A product purchased on an NFR basis is intended for personal consumption and not be resold after purchased. The agent is the importer on record and all agents who import products on an NFR basis are responsible for knowing the importation and customs laws of the relevant country. Seacret Direct will not be responsible for any penalties associated with the violation of this policy.


Q: What is OTG

A: An OTG product purchase may also be referred as an "on the ground", "local purchase", or "shipped from a local warehouse". A product purchased on an OTG basis is purchased in the local currency (for example, Pounds, Euros etc.), with local taxes applied. OTG products have been reviewed for compliance, imported, passed through customs and then sent to the local market warehouse. The product selection that is available on an OTG basis may vary slightly from products sold on an NFR basis, and availability is limited to local residents. 


Q: What happens if I order more than a 3-month supply?

A: The product may be delayed or seized by customs and you may incur fines.


Q: What is considered a 3-month supply?

A: Any product that will last you for at least 3 months.


Q: Can I order more than one of three introductory packs?

A: Yes, you can, as long as you adhere to the 3-month supply rule.


Q: Is Seacret Direct the “importer?”

A: No, the purchasing agent is the “importer” on record.


Q: How much are the duties and taxes on these products?

A: Before checking out you will see duties and taxes associated with respective markets.


Q: What are in the 3 introductory packs?

A: You can login to our website for details (provide link)

Q: Can Agents in registered markets order via NFR?

A: No. Agents in a registered market can order OTG products in their respective markets.


Q: How can an Agent in their own registered market enroll an Agent in a NFR market and vice versa?

A: Agents will share their replicated website to prospective Agents who will enroll in a NFR market and place order.


Q: Is the NFR Global Access Program available to all Agents?

A: Yes, it is available to all Agents in countries where it’s legal to ship NFR products.


Q: How can I enroll as an Agent?

A: At or by calling Customer Care international toll-free 877.680.9622


Q: What is the shipping and handling cost to order NFR products?

A: Before checking out, your shipping total will be calculated based on your weight, size, and geographic location.


Q: Will the NFR Global Access Program have access to the entire Seacret Direct product line?

A: Currently, only the 3 introductory packs will be available in the NFR markets.


Q: How will NFR Agents receive commission payouts?

A: NFR Agents will be compensated via e-wallet debit cards.


Q: What compensation plan will the NFR Global Access Program use?

A: NFR Agents will earn commission based on the US compensation plan.


Q: What currency will Agents be paid in under the NFR Global Access Program?

A: NFR Agents will be paid in USD.


Q: Will NFR Agents incur foreign transaction and/or bank fees?

A: This will be dependent on your respective banks and their policies.


Q: Can NFR Agents participate in Seacret Agent contests and incentives?

A: See official rules in each contest/incentive.


Q: Will the Affiliate Program still exist?

A: No, effective immediately, the Affiliate Program will be replaced by the NFR Global Access Program.


Q: Can NFR Agents participate in Subscribe, Save, and Win?

A: Yes, we encourage NFR Agents to set up their Subscribe, Save, and Win. See program details for exclusive

Q: Can Agents sign up customers in NFR Global Access markets?

A: No, currently they can’t sign up customers in NFR Global Access markets. Agents can only enroll Agents in NFR Global Access markets.

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